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Aspen Creek Naturopathic Clinic focuses on time-tested treatments from the naturopathic medicine tradition while taking into account the latest research and techniques. We work with patients to find the best treatments for their individual case out of a range of possible alternatives. So, don't worry about having to do all of these at once. Treatments include:


Homeopathy: This is a system of medicine where the prescriber finds a single remedy that matches all of a client's symptoms. So instead of using separate treatments for headache, hay fever and anxiety, we would find one substance that can treat all of these symptoms. When remedies are prescribed in this manner typically the results are permanent changes in a client's health and well being.


Diet and Lifestyle changes: Having good habits are key to maintaining health, and often good dietary and exercise habits alone can treat common metabolic problems. The focus at Aspen Creek Naturopathic Clinic is on clients eating quality whole foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and quality protein. Sometimes there are just a few simple suggestions to implement, such as eating more beans to lower cholesterol. At other times the suggestions are more in depth depending on a client's disease and what they are willing to do. Dr. Palmer often makes dietary recommendations after testing clients for different kinds of immune responses to certain foods, such as food allergies.


Nutriceuticals: Dr. Palmer focuses on using supplements from whole food sources. He prefers to prescribe only a few supplements at a time to help make treatments more cost effective. He also prescribes with the idea in mind that patients should be able to stop the supplements at some point in the treatment.


Cold Laser Therapy: Lasers have been researched since the 1960s in the areas of human health, dental health, and veterinary medicine. Thousands of studies have shown laser therapy to be effective in the treatment of pain and inflammation along with a number of other health issues. Many of our patients have found laser therapy to be very gentle and to work as well as or better than acupuncture while treating many of the same issues without the pain or fear of needles. If you are someone who is looking to try acupuncture, we encourage you to explore our laser therapy because so many of our patients have been pleased with the results and laser therapy gives greater flexibility of treatment over acupuncture.


Botanical Medicine: This is the use of plant medicine. Usually we use Western herbs from the U.S. or Europe and prescribe based on the traditional and modern uses. Dr. Palmer looks out for drug herb and drug nutrient interactions that clients should be cautious of during treatment.


Hydrotherapy: This involves the application of hot and cold water to the body. In the clinic we do a technique called constitutional hydrotherapy, which includes applying hot and cold towels to the torso front and back, along with using gentle muscle stimulation devices along the spine, like many chiropractors use. This is a technique that encourages the body’s own healing mechanisms. Patient's may also be given simple treatments to do at home instead of coming into the clinic.

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